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Did you invest in a UK property where your thought your deposit was protected by a bond from Northern and Western Insurance Company? Have you now lost your money? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Hundreds of investors have lost their deposits after the collapse of a number of property developments and developers going into liquidation. The failure of the deposit bond provided by Northern and Western Insurance Company to protect their investment in such circumstances given their own subsequent insolvency has led to the loss of deposits made by investors.

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Although it has not been financially viable to pursue the developers or NWIC now that they are insolvent, here at the NWIC Action Group we have supported our Members to make very successful professional negligence claims against their Solicitors and Insurance Brokers to recoup investors’ deposits and we continue to do so. We are also actively engaged in identifying all other routes to recovery on behalf of our Members.

As part of this process we have represented our Members’ interests on the Liquidation Committee of the Northern and Western Insurance Company and continue to liaise with the Committee on their behalf. We have had extremely successful outcomes in securing substantive and even full levels of recovery, including additional reimbursement of interest on some development investments.

We continue to represent our Members who have lost their deposits on off-plan property investments, for investors with NWIC bonded developments, but also other property investment schemes which fail to deliver on contractual obligations to those who have invested in them. Sadly this has been the case even where developments have been completed in some cases, so we are also vigilant in monitoring the progress of developments and making risk assessments on our Members’ behalf as and when necessary.

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Investors are stronger together

The NWIC Action Group was formed to represent both UK and international investors who have lost their deposits on NWIC insured property developments. The Group's aim is to organise and coordinate legal proceedings to recover our Members' lost deposits and interest. We work closely with London law firms Penningtons Manches and Lucas & Co. Solicitors and are pursuing claims against the UK Solicitors who acted on behalf of our Members. These firms were; Graham & Rosen, Scott Fowler and Wilsons. 

Why Group Action?


Sharing Information

You share your information with the group and everyone else shares with you. This is very powerful. We have already acquired lots of useful and important evidence from existing members which will be used for your benefit.

Sharing costs

Our lawyers are working on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis. While there are still some expenses the group will incur during the claims process (such as court fees, barrister’s fees and Legal Expense Insurance), the more people who are sharing those expenses the less they are per person.

Strength in numbers

Being part of a large, well organised, fully funded and insured group has been shown to be the very best way to make sure Insurers and Solicitors take all our Members' claims seriously and negotiate accordingly. 

We're making great progress


All our members' claims are fully insured

We have obtained full legal expense insurance to cover each and every group member and we are fully covered to take their cases to trial if necessary. Fortunately our partner lawyers are tenacious negotiators and we have been very successful on a number of occasions in agreeing very positive out of court settlement terms on our Members’ behalf.


We have leading legal representation

We have have received consistently positive advice from Senior Counsel and have worked closely with our partner London law firms Penningtons Manches and Lucas & Co. to act on our Members’ behalf to achieve very positive settlement outcomes. We keep all Members informed and updated as their group case progresses and continue to work diligently in achieving the most positive outcomes for them.


We are now the largest and most advanced group

Our lawyers have been working successfully on behalf of our investor Members since 2014. During that time we have worked with our partner law firms to pursue substantive claims on behalf of member investors. To date we are proud to have been successful in securing settlements on group claims running into tens of millions of pounds. We continue to pursue all avenues available to us on behalf of our Members to secure the maximum reimbursement of investor’s deposits that we are able to.

Ready to recover your investment?

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