Did you invest in the Trinity Lodge, Edinburgh Development?

Developer: Trinity Healthcare Investments Ltd.

Default Status: In Administration with BDO LLP

NWIC Bonds in issue: 30

Estimated Total Exposure: £3,003,007.00

Administrator Details: 

4 Atlantic Quay
70 York Street
Glasgow, G2 8JX

Tel: 01412 483 761

Website: www.bdo.co.uk
James Stephen and Kerry Bailey of BDO LLP were appointed as administrators on 08/09/2015.

Present Position:

The developer is now in administration. Administrators BDO LLP were appointed by the main lender on the 8th September 2015.

They have sold the land for an amount which is expected to realise a dividend for investors of around 25 pence in the £. In other words investors are set to lose over 70% of their money. 

Our lawyers are currently pursuing  a claim for a number of investors in respect of those losses. This claim is well advanced and looks highly likely to be successful.

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