Did you invest in the Fiveways House Leicester Development?

Address: Fiveways House, Tudor Road, Leicester, LE3 5HU, UK

Developer: MIA Developments Ltd (owned by Rafik Patel)

Status: MIA Developments Ltd is now in liquidation by BDO LLP

Liquidator Details: 

55 Baker Street,
London, W1U 7EU, UK

Tel: 0207 893 3241  

Email: info@bdo.co.uk

Website: www.bdo.co.uk

BDO LLP were appointed on 06/09/2014  

Present Position from Liquidators:

Investors will receive no dividend as a result of this liquidation. The land was sold by the mortgagees and the amount realised was less than the amount required to repay their charge so nothing was left for creditors.
To 'add insult to injury' the property is now being re-marketed by the new owners for a similar development!

Would you like to make a claim to recover your investment?

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