Did you seek advice from Scott Fowler Solicitors on a property development investment?

Have you now lost your deposit and been left in the dark?

You’re not the only one.


It has come to our attention that many of Scott Fowler’s clients have lost their investment deposits following the collapse of certain property developers and the deposit bond provider Northern and Western Insurance.

We are coordinating an action group with the aim of conducting legal proceedings against Scott Fowler Solicitors.
We want to investigate whether Scott Fowler Solicitors provided their clients with adequate advice on the reliability of these property developments and their supposedly safeguarding Northern and Western Insurance bonds.

We will also look in to whether property investment advisors including Rock Invest, who referred clients to Scott Fowler, are at fault.

We want to achieve legal justice for all of the property investors who have now lost their deposits. 

Our preliminary investigations have shown that it is the same individuals who owned both the concerned property development companies and the Northern and Western insurance company which was supposed to have protected them.