New Funding Options Available

by NWIC Action Group

We are now pleased to be able to offer new members a zero upfront fee funding option to enable them to pursue their case through our Action Group.

Understandably, we have had some investors who are unable or unwilling to pay any upfront fee due to the large amounts of money they have already lost on their failed property investments. In response to this, we have negotiated an option where investors do not have to pay any upfront joining fee.

It has not been easy to achieve this option (due to the ongoing solicitors fees, barristers fees and court costs accrued during the action group case preparation) but we are now happy to be able to put this choice to investors due to increased demand and interest in our action group.

Our previous funding arrangement was based on a project commission fee of 25% + VAT payable out of the recovered money at the end of the case, plus an upfront joining fee equivalent to 2% of the amount invested. In this arrangement, the joining fee is reimbursed when calculating the project commission after the case has concluded.        

We are now pleased to offer our members two different methods of funding their legal case.

Funding Option 1:

Funding Option 1 is the existing arrangement of 25% + VAT and a refundable joining fee of 2% of the amount invested.

Funding Option 2:

Funding Option 2 involves no upfront fee, instead collecting a slightly higher project commission of 30% + VAT at the end of the case.

Will the new zero upfront fee funding option enable you to claim your investment back through our action group? 

If you lost your investment in a failed property development insured by NWIC, and are interested in recovering your money through our group action, please get in touch and our lawyers will contact you to discuss your options.