Evolution Liverpool: Have You Been 'HOAX'ed?

by NWIC Action Group

Did you invest in the 'Evolution Liverpool' development? Our lawyers have already put claims forward for other investors and want to hear from you.

This development was actually built and started trading as 'HOAX Liverpool' in 2013, yet still, the investors who paid for it have somehow ended up without a penny! Hard to believe but true.

This is the site for the hostel, now happily trading: www.hoaxliverpool.com 

Since then, the hostel has been taken over by receivers appointed by the first charge holders (Topland Jupiter) and sold for an amount which was only sufficient to pay them off, while nobody else got a penny. 

No one has even bothered to put the developer into liquidation yet (although our lawyers are likely to be doing that shortly).

If you're as outraged by this situation as we are and would like to register your interest in joining our Action Group to recover your investment, please get in touch.