Docklands Liquidation News

by NWIC Action Group

We have had advance sight of the letter being sent to investors by David Rubin & Partners regarding the Docklands development liquidation. If you are affected and have not yet received a copy of this letter, you can download it here.

In short; it states that the claims of those investors who exchanged with Key Homes UK Ltd are not going to be admitted in the West India Dock Road Ltd (WIDR) liquidation (although they are allowing investors another 28 days to make representations).

This is good news if you exchanged with WIDR as your debt is still admitted and your dividend will therefore go up (it may be 60p in the £ now). It is very bad news if you exchanged with Key Homes UK ltd as you will get no dividend at all

We have group members in both camps so we have instructed our lawyers to remain neutral on the point and not to advocate one way or the other.      

However, we are aware of investors who have instructed their own representatives to argue this point on their behalf. We have offered to act as a point of contact for any investors who are affected who may want to group together to co-ordinate their representations. If you would like to be put in touch with other group members for that purpose please let us know on our email